Instagram Bot ! Premium Auto Follow and Like Bot ! Tested Working [2013 NEW]

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This is the latest release for Instagram BOT on PC. Get Crack & Keygen for Instagram BOT now. Works by some kind of network intercept. I’m no expert on that but check it out for yourself.

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18 Responses to “Instagram Bot ! Premium Auto Follow and Like Bot ! Tested Working [2013 NEW]”

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    You are of Bots with Scam, Viurs and Trojan or stiupid Survery.
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    i got my instagram …
    i got my instagram to over 9K in about a month of using instatoolz bots. search shanemarkley on ig for proof. its only 5 bucks each and you get your money back if it doesnt work. just a heads up to people. you can find it at instatoolzDOTweeblyDOTcom

  3. Darnel Emil Rafaela Says:

    guys just buy …
    guys just buy these bots for 1 euro here, its better then surfing youtube allday trying to get a real link that works or buying instagram followers. These bots get you followers daily:­ins (i have 2 acounts based on these bots, checkout @swaggedoutshoutouts for an example)

  4. FreezaGamer Says:


  5. Insta Macro Says:

    I recommend …
    I recommend instamacro[.]com, auto liking service

  6. Dillon Marshall Says:

    The password given …
    The password given doesn’t even work LOL.

    This is a scam ran by a 14 year old. Hence the fact he won’t do the following.

    1. Use a microphone
    2. Can’t afford a microphone because his allowance given to him by his two dads isn’t high enough.
    3. We wouldn’t want to hear a prepubescent anyways.


  7. lucas damian Says:

    if they want to …
    if they want to know how to win autofollow so follow @ luuucasdemian

  8. ExoTiCxMODDERS Says:


  9. Andreas Michel Says:

    haha. nobody tell …
    haha. nobody tell us the passwort =(

  10. chrisauh Says:

    password douche
    password douche

  11. Al Has Says:

    your gay give us …
    your gay give us the password asshole

  12. Rade Cash Says:

    bro gimme the …
    bro gimme the password please

  13. regszone Says:

    oh i forgot to give …
    oh i forgot to give virus scan, i will do virus scan and put in on my description.

  14. Adolf Hítler Says:

    Just private …
    Just private message me your paypal email and I’ll pay you. I’ve tried enough surveys.

  15. regszone Says:

    just try another …
    just try another survey, sorry can’t give you the password here.
    you can check, i use this bot to my instagram account iphone_games

  16. Adolf Hítler Says:

    Give me the pw, pls …
    Give me the pw, pls.
    I cba to do a survey, I’d rather pay you 0.70 usd.

  17. regszone Says:

    LOL, this bot …
    LOL, this bot still work perfectly and i still use it.

  18. Adolf Hítler Says:

    I will suck …
    I will suck your dick if this works.

    I will reverse engineer this before running and do all virus checks available!

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